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Journey To Inner Peace

6 Sessions
Study Group

Welcome, my dear friends!


We are back to our study group on the teachings of A Course In Miracles. 

This group fosters spiritual growth, community, and healing. 

I have been hosting the groups since 2018. My journey with these teachings has completely changed my path, and I am honored to share what I have been learning from it. A passage in the book says: "To have peace, teach peace." The more we share these ideas with others, the more we strengthen them in ourselves. The ideas in the book have helped me in so many ways. 


Some people don't like that the book brings Christian language or find it hard to read. 

The book brings universal spiritual concepts and is not intended to be related to any religion. The main ideas can be found in many spiritual traditions and Eastern philosophies. The gift of studying together is to discuss these ideas and learn how to embody them in our lives. 

If you want to learn concepts and practices that can help you release fear-based thinking and the ego thought system, this is an excellent opportunity to find peace within by changing your perceptions about yourself and the world. 

Throughout the years, I have learned how to listen to my inner guidance and let myself be guided.  It is so freeing to the soul. 

Here are some topics from the book that we will discuss:

  • Principles of Miracles

  • Healing as Release From Fear

  • The Function of The Miracle Worker

  • Cause and Effect

  • Judgment and The Authority Problem

  • The Ego's Use of Guilt

  • Granderus versus Grandiosity

  • The God of Sickness

  • The End of Illusions

  • The Happy Dream

  • Forgiveness

  • Specialness

  • I Need Do Nothing 

  • The Holy Instant 

  • False Idols

You can join the group anytime, and if you want to cancel your subscription, you can do it anytime. 

If you have questions, please send an email to

Thank you.


The gifts of the journey

- Learn tools to apply spiritual wisdom in your daily life​

- Meet a supportive community that can hold space for your healing journey​

- Strengthen your daily spiritual practice​

- Renew and recharge in a safe environment​

- Awaken your intuition and inner wisdom​

- Receive guidance from an experienced teacher to empower your journey

You aren't pressured to finish the book

More details

Zoom meetings happen twice a month on Thursdays at 6 PM EST.

6 Sessions

Dates: August 17th and 31st/September 14th and 21st/ October 5th and 19th.

In the meetings, Lu presents some ideas and concepts about the chapter suggested for the week; participants are invited to share their impressions with the group. In the end, there is a guided meditation. Learn more about the facilitator here.

Some thoughts on how to get your book. 

You can go to the public library closer to you. You can try finding it at the used bookstore or order it online. The copy we will be using is the one by Foundation for Inner Peace. Ensure you have this copy; we will also read the workbook for students. 

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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