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Soul Synergy Session

Understand your subconscious blocks and move toward embracing your soul's path.

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One hour session.



Soul Synergy Session - Online and In-Person

In this session, I will use my intuitive skills to help you gain clarity and move toward personal fulfillment. 



The way I channel divine messages is very subtle. They do not offer predictions but guidance on what to focus on and what to let go of in order to succeed.  

Some clients ask many questions and often write down the answers. They have said the answers are very profound and require time for reflection. You can prepare for the session by writing questions you want to explore. 


I will use the Soul Synergy Oracle to help you better understand your subconscious blocks and how to embrace your soul's path.  As a medicine, I will offer a prayer to help you integrate what we explored in our session. 


An Oracle Deck is a set of cards that contain different meanings. It is a tool for self-discovery and self-reflection. I am completing the creation of the Soul Synergy Oracle and will use it in our sessions. By booking this offering, you will be helping fund the completion of the Deck. 


What to expect from this session:


  • Gain insight and clarity about your subconscious blocks.

  • Connect with higher wisdom to help you find solutions to your concerns.

  • Receive a prayer to help you integrate the topics explored in the session.

After completing your payment, please send an email to or send me a message trough the chat to check time available. 

Much love,

Lu Camy

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