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Embody Your Life's Purpose
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This online coaching program is designed for those willing to leave behind old conditionings of the mind and tap into their unlimited potential to live a fulfilling life. 

"Soul Synergy" is a method that guides people in their journey to awaken to their divine self and live in alignment with cosmic truth. 

Why attend this program

The disconnection from our soul’s deepest calling can lead us to experience unwanted behavior patterns and distress at different levels.

We might feel physically weak, unmotivated, discouraged, emotionally disturbed, or mentally confused.


This program is designed for those who want to tap into their infinite potential and recognize their unbounded nature to embody their soul’s purpose.


It is for those who want to ignite their creative power, share their gifts, live in joy, and use their abilities to be of service to others. 



Who can benefit from the program

  • Those willing to release fear-based thinking and awaken to their full potential. 

  • Those who want to live a purposeful and meaningful life. 

  • Those who want to become aware of which limiting beliefs affect their decisions and how to transform them.

  • Those who want to reconnect with their sense of worth, self-confidence, inspiration, and inner joy.

  • Those who want to improve their relationships with others and with themselves

  • Those who want to explore their innate gifts and share them with others.

  • Those who want to deepen their spiritual growth by applying practical tools in daily life.


"Soul Synergy is an experience that releases the false images of the ego so that we can truly recognize our unbounded nature." ~ Lu Camy

The Soul Synergy Method

Soul Synergy is a practice of the soul’s remembering. The divine blueprint lies in each one of us but can only be activated or embodied if the mental blocks or energetic imprints are completely cleared from all dimensions of the self. Its main principles are gathered from universal spiritual teachings and therapeutic modalities.


The experience of manifesting one soul’s desires or life’s purpose happens by allowing a fusion with the highest soul frequencies such as love, compassion, joy, and creativity here called soul frequency of expansion.


This fusion or healing process starts with the blending of different techniques such as hypnosis, mind training, imagery, and self-reflection practices.


This modality aims to bring applied universal spiritual wisdom, helping others create lasting change and improve their awareness about their soul’s evolutionary journey. 


Soul Synergy can benefit anyone who wants to overcome unwanted behaviors, mental blocks, and emotional trauma to live in harmony with their divine creative self.


Beginners, advanced spiritual practitioners, therapists, healers, and coaches are welcome.  Anyone willing to live a fulfilling life and access their creative potential will be benefited.

Create synergy with your soul's purpose

The Soul Synergy is an invitation to transcend the limitations of the ego, unblock energetic imprints of the past and undo discordant mental programming.


This experience leads to the natural awakening of the divine essence in everyone. The principles explored in this process guide the contemporary seeker to embody his or her soul’s mission in resonance with the perfect order of all things – cosmic truth. It is a process of allowing the natural soul’s rhythm to come to fruition in all areas of our lives.


The Soul Synergy stimulates lasting change by eliminating universal human blocks of the ego self to optimize the soul’s evolution.


Soul Synergy is a concept and practice I developed by working as a soul coach and hypnotherapist for over 6 years.


I’ve guided hundreds of people to synergize with their souls, stimulating the expansion of their inner resources and connecting with their higher selves. The results were improvements in their physical health, emotional balance, personal growth, and spiritual awakening.

Principles and Practices 

The principles


Energetic imprints can be memories, emotions, thoughts, or vibrations we downloaded in childhood or even in our past lives. They were collected through our interactions with people and situations. They are conditionings that appear as unwanted behavior patterns, illnesses, or emotional imbalances. When we become aware of their influence, we can make decisions that align with our highest good. The five energetic imprints in the Soul Synergy are:


  • The Victim

  • The Authority

  • The Special

  • The Guilty

  • The Unforgiving



The Practices 


When we merge ourselves with the soul's frequency, we eliminate energetic blocks more easily. We can embody our soul's purpose and maximize our experience on earth. We immediately observe a sense of excitement, peace, or joy when we come into synergy with those frequencies. The five soul frequencies of expansion are:


-The Lightworker or The Wise

-The Receptive

-The Creative

-The Joyful

-The Unbounded

Listen to a sample session, "The Lightworker Soul Frequency Activation."



Session 5 - Activating The Lightworker Soul FrequencyArtist Name
00:00 / 19:12

What you will learn

  • Become aware of which energetic imprint you are most identified with and gain tools to eliminate its influence in your life.

  • Learn how to tune in to your soul's wisdom and guidance to make better decisions for yourself.  

  • Access different mind training practices that promote inner peace and clarity of mind.

  • Learn self-reflection practices that ignite your creative power.

Embody Your Life's Purpose

  • Private Coaching

    Every month
    Includes course materials and 2 private sessions per month.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Access 17 audio sessions
    • Attend 2 private coaching sessions per month
    • Workbook for students containing hundreds of journal prompt
    • Unlimitted email support
  • The Online Program

    Access 17 audio sessions and workbook for students
    • Access 17 audio sessions
    • Workbook containing hundreds of journal prompts
    • Unlimitted email support

"Soul Synergy is an experience that allows change to happen in resonance with the perfect order of all things." ~ Lu Camy

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