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Hypnotherapy - the therapeutic use of hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is a practical tool for life transformation. It facilitates access to internal resources that assist people in solving problems, increasing motivation, or altering behavior patterns to create positive change. It uses various tools, such as self-hypnosis, deep relaxation, neuro-linguistic programming, guided imagery, age regression, parts work, dreamwork, and suggestion therapy. It is a gentle and effective evidence-based tool that addresses each individual's unique spiritual, cultural, and personal needs. 

Trauma Healing

Hypnotherapy is a tool that helps us reframe the past. We can change what a particular memory means to us, how we feel about it, and how we respond to it when we create new associations and narratives to that memory.  As we change how we feel about the memory, we change our entire perception of it, including altering our mental discomfort and negative physical reactions. 

Alter unwanted behavior 

In hypnotic trance state, we explore repressed memories, suppressed emotions, and limiting beliefs stored in the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy techniques help you relax and reprogram an anxious or fearful response to "triggers". You will start to be more aware of your emotions and how to process them healthily. By doing so, you will naturally make conscious decisions that lead you to enjoyable experiences in life. 

Spiritual Growth

Become aware of the negative imprints that you have been carrying from other lifetimes through past life regression. In these sessions, we discover the lessons that still need to be learned by you and create therapeutic suggestions to the subconscious mind that will affect how you think and feel. In this process, you can expect to see rapid growth and transformation in your health, relationships, and well-being.

Build Confidence in yourself

Hypnotherapy helps us to see that we humans have a vast memory bank stored in the unconscious parts of our mind, and allows us to take a current situation in our lives and use it in a memory search to discover how old the child part of us is that continually reacts to triggering events. In this process, you will get to the root of problems, change unhelpful behavior patterns, and build confidence. 

Create lasting change

In hypnotherapy, you can release feelings of shame and unworthiness rooted in past events. 
By doing so, you might experience yourself being more open to exploring your interests and passions with a sense of trust.
Throughout the sessions, we will work on gaining clarity about what moves your soul the most and what steps will lead you to a life of purpose and joy. 

Goal achievment 

In Hypnosis there is an emotionalized desire to satisfy the suggested behavior. You gain the motivation to follow through with your plans and visions. In the private sessions, you will receive a customized hypnosis audio tailored to your needs.  Here are some of the things you can use hypnosis for:
- Pass an exam
- Release chronic pain
- Increase wealth and prosperity
- Improve and learn new skills 

What to expect in each session

In the first session, we discuss what you want to transform and achieve. We create customized hypnosis audio to help you reprogram limiting beliefs and live according to your heart's desires. The audio is professionally recorded; you can download it and keep it to yourself. You will be invited to maintain a daily hypnosis practice from the first session. After starting this initial practice, clients often feel at peace and inspired about their goals. 

In the second session, we will discuss what has changed since we first met and start working on releasing the emotional blocks that prevent you from attaining your goal. In this session, you will learn how to tap into your inner wisdom and discover a new way to respond to your emotions.

In the third session, we usually address the root cause of your issues. I use regression techniques to help you become aware of what is unconscious. Usually, I guide clients to return to childhood memories or traumatic experiences that have shaped their sense of self. This is a profound experience where you can release what is no longer necessary in your journey as an adult and build new resources that will create lasting change. 

In the fourth session, clients feel relieved from their heavy burdens, and a new light emerges from their inner selves. We work on integrating what is being discovered and how they implement these discoveries daily. In this session, I teach self-hypnosis and work with whatever is emerging. 

In the fifth session, we can do a past life regression or address what the client wants to work on. Clients are feeling more connected to themselves and feel more enthusiasm growing within.

In the upcoming sessions, we will work on helping you reclaim your power and clear any childhood subconscious blocks that may hinder you from becoming a healthy and self-realized adult.

After each session, clients receive an email with my notes, the healing affirmations created during the session, and customized journal prompts. 

Many of my clients chose to keep working with me. I offer a 6-month program.

 You can find more information here.  

Summer Sale

Pay $750 for 6 sessions and save $150.

This package includes access to the online course "Embody Your Life's Purpose" and access to my library containing guided meditations and hypnosis audios. 

Promotions is valid until July 26th, 2024.

Private Sessions
Online and In-Person

A single session with one customized hypnosis audio - 60 min to 90 min - $165

3 sessions with one customized hypnosis audio - $485

6 sessions with one customized hypnosis audio and access to the online course "Embody Your Life's Purpose" - $900

Clients must complete above sessions within 2 months.

8 sessions with one customized hypnosis audio, access to the online course "Embody Your Life's Purpose, extra exercises to clear childhood blocks, and bonus of two hypnosis audios from library - $1,200

Clients must complete the 8 sessions within 3 months. 

Referral Program - I give a 5% discount on the first payment for clients from a referral.

What clients have to say


Dr. Dana Negoi, MD

Lu is an incredible healer. She helped me during a very painful period of my life , using a personalized approach to make sure she understood where I was on my life journey. She helped me clarify my goals without judgement or personal interference. I could have not done it without her after my husband passed away. My late husband was the most incredibly loving and carrying human being, despite him living for 20 years with devastating complications of throat cancer. I always cherished the time we had together knowing that our time was limited. After his passing she gently guided me to move forward with gratitude for the past. I am forever grateful for her insight and care and she is the first person that comes to mind if I need help in the future. Thank you Lu!
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