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Soul Synergy Experience Podcast

Dear community, 

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The Soul Synergy Experience Podcast is an invitation to transcend the limitations of the ego, unblock energetic imprints of the past, and undo discordant subconscious mental programming. This experience leads to the natural awakening of the divine essence in everyone.


The principles explored in this podcast guide the contemporary seeker to embody his or her soul's mission in resonance with the perfect order of all things – cosmic truth. It is a process of allowing the natural soul's rhythm to come to fruition in all areas of our lives.


The Soul Synergy is a concept and method that I developed by working as a soul coach and hypnotist for more than 7 years. It stimulates lasting change by releasing universal human blocks of the ego self in order to optimize the soul's evolution.

Themes explored in this show: Life's Purpose, Spiritual Growth, Inner Peace, Prosperity, Relationships, and Holistic Health. 

Cover photo by Kegan McGurk

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