Hypnosis and Soul Coaching

Virtual and In-Person Sessions

Tap into your creative intelligence.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. In hypnosis, we relax the critical factor of the mind through extraordinary mental and physical relaxation.


By lowering our defense mechanisms, we access our problem-solving intelligence - deep mind or unconscious mind- where our inner wisdom and creativity lie. 

Achieve goals that are meaningful to you.

In a relaxed state of awareness, therapeutic suggestions significantly affect attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors. It becomes easier for the unconscious mind to adopt new ideas. That is why we say that through hypnosis work, change occurs naturally and effortlessly. 

In Hypnosis, there is an emotionalized desire to satisfy the suggested behavior. As a result, we gain the motivation to follow through with our plans and visions.

Hypnosis is a great healing tool to create positive and lasting change. The ability to be hypnotized is a learned skill.

Areas of expertise

Trauma Healing


Stress and


Life Path and Purposeful Living

Spiritual Growth

Meet Lu

Hypnotist and Soul Coach

Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists

Welcome, my dear friend. 
I am here to guide your journey in reconnecting with your inner wisdom and creative intelligence. 

In my work, I utilize hypnotherapy and transformational tools to help clients change behavior patterns, release emotional and physical stress, and achieve goals that lead them to a fulfilled life. 

I am also the host of the Podcast Soul Synergy Experience. Click here to listen. 


Move toward a fulfilled life.

"I feel fully free and at peace, in a way, no drug, no partner, no therapy, no medication, no self-help, no religion, no coping mechanism has ever made me feel. You are a blessing to this universe with your gift of service to others. I refuse to go backward and will always carry this safe, comfortable, serene feeling with me. Namaste, curator."

Watch Eli's vídeo testimonial

Eli Baez - Cortland, NY

"I came to Luciana for support for letting go of a past, and three sessions with her helped transform all of my relationships. Her powerful and beautiful voice was a pleasure to listen to each day for my hypnosis audio, and I used this audio when I was feeling unsure and anxious to good effect. In a short time, with little effort, I could see my current love relationship deepen and expand and find healing and ease in my familial and professional relationships. The transformation was powerful. I highly recommend working with Lu."

Dr Dawn Eller - Ithaca,NY

"Working with Lu was magical. She assisted with realigning my mind away from feelings of limitation and towards one focused on growth and trust in what the universe would provide. I left her sessions with an increased sense of peacefulness which led to experiencing a sizeable breakthrough in between our sessions on the root cause of the friction I was feeling. The cumulation of our sessions together occurred when even the most minute details within the hypnosis audio we created became reality. I am very thankful to Lu for sharing her abilities."

Jared Shapiro -
St. Petersburg FL