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Shortly after I moved to Ithaca I purchased a package with Lu, and had an absolutely incredible experience. She is present, intuitive, patient, and has an impressive ability to help you navigate and explore your own experiences from a new perspective. During my short time with her I had more "aha moments" than I had in years of therapy, and felt more seen and understood as well. She customizes take-home practices that are tools you can use any time you need them, and I honestly can't say enough good things about her and what she does. If you're in the central NY area definitely book an in-office visit with her. If you're not, take advantage of her zoom meetings. You won't regret it.

Katie Hood.


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Today I listened to our recording of session two from November, and I am just amazed at the amount of transformation I've experienced in this short time, whether consciously or subconsciously.

I attribute all these life-changing positive transformations to the hypnotic sessions we've had, and even though some of the changes did not come directly from me, I realize that somehow my subconsciousness is calling out to the world. It's as if the whole world is helping me overcome lifelong obstacles.

Your work is incredible and will help so many people in ways they don't even know possible.

May God and Angels bless you because you're doing God's work. You are a spirit of an angel in the form of a human being. I'm actually riding this teary-eyed. 

I will listen to our recorded sessions more often and want to continue our meetings and the other items you've suggested. I'm looking forward to more positive ideas and suggestions from you so that my life and those I touch can be transformed in many significant ways!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. 

Michael P.

Tap into your creative intelligence.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. In hypnosis, we relax the critical factor of the mind through extraordinary mental and physical relaxation.


By lowering our defense mechanisms, we access our problem-solving intelligence - deep mind or unconscious mind- where our inner wisdom and creativity lie. 

Achieve goals that are meaningful to you.

In a relaxed state of awareness, therapeutic suggestions significantly affect attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors. It becomes easier for the unconscious mind to adopt new ideas. That is why we say that through hypnosis work, change occurs naturally and effortlessly. 

In Hypnosis, there is an emotionalized desire to satisfy the suggested behavior. As a result, we gain the motivation to follow through with our plans and visions.

Hypnosis is a great healing tool to create positive and lasting change. The ability to be hypnotized is a learned skill.




Fear, Worry and Sadness

Life Path and Purposeful Living

Test Anxiety

Meet Lu

Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists

Welcome, my dear friend. 
I am here to guide you in reconnecting with your inner wisdom and creative intelligence. 

In my work, I utilize hypnotherapy and transformational tools to help clients change behavior patterns, release emotional and physical stress, and achieve goals that lead them to a fulfilled life. 

I am also the host of the Podcast Soul Synergy Experience. Click here to listen. 


What clients have to say

Dr. Dana Negoid MD

Lu is an incredible healer. She helped me during a very painful period of my life , using a personalized approach to make sure she understood where I was on my life journey. She helped me clarify my goals without judgement or personal interference.
I could have not done it without her after my husband passed away. My late husband was the most incredibly loving and carrying human being, despite him living for 20 years with devastating complications of throat cancer. I always cherished the time we had together knowing that our time was limited. After his passing she gently guided me to move forward with gratitude for the past. I am forever grateful for her insight and care and she is the first person that comes to mind if I need help in the future. Thank you Lu!
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