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Meet Lu

Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Top Self-Hypnosis Instructor at WellSet.

Worldwide practice since 2018.

Thank you for being here. 

In my work, I utilize hypnotherapy and transformational tools to help clients change behavior patterns, release emotional and physical stress, and achieve goals that lead them to a fulfilled life. I offer virtual and in-person hypnosis and coaching sessions in the the Finger Lakes region.

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What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. The hypnotic trance state is similar to the state just before falling asleep or upon waking up in the morning, when your brainwaves are in the theta state.


During this time, there is deep relaxation of the mind and body, while the conscious mind - which is the reasoning or logical mind - is relaxed.

How does hypnosis work?

Through deep mental and physical relaxation, it is possible to reduce the activity of the conscious mind and lower one's defense mechanisms.


A skilled hypnotist therapeutically uses this receptive and open state to deliver positive suggestions to the subconscious mind, as well as to access information such as memories and emotions that are preventing the client from living a healthy and happy life.

The information attained through the sessions can help in understanding the root causes of unwanted behaviors and current physical and emotional issues. 

Who I serve

In my work, I guide clients to ignite their creative power and inner potential.


I work with those navigating life transitions, relationship issues, anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, lack of motivation, chronic pain, and difficulty in focused awareness.


Hypnotherapy techniques can work as an adjunct to any treatment, enhancing one's well-being and ability to create lasting change. 

Learn how your subconscious mind can help you create positive change.









Success and High Performance

Past Life



Hypnosis for

Purposeful Living and

Life Path


Shortly after I moved to Ithaca, NY I purchased a package with Lu, and had an absolutely incredible experience. She is present, intuitive, patient, and has an impressive ability to help you navigate and explore your own experiences from a new perspective. During my short time with her I had more "aha moments" than I had in years of therapy, and felt more seen and understood as well. She customizes take-home practices that are tools you can use any time you need them, and I honestly can't say enough good things about her and what she does. If you're in the central NY area definitely book an in-office visit with her. If you're not, take advantage of her zoom meetings. You won't regret it. - Katie Hood.

What clients have to say

Dr. Dana Negoid MD

Lu is an incredible healer. She helped me during a very painful period of my life , using a personalized approach to make sure she understood where I was on my life journey. She helped me clarify my goals without judgement or personal interference.
I could have not done it without her after my husband passed away. My late husband was the most incredibly loving and carrying human being, despite him living for 20 years with devastating complications of throat cancer. I always cherished the time we had together knowing that our time was limited. After his passing she gently guided me to move forward with gratitude for the past. I am forever grateful for her insight and care and she is the first person that comes to mind if I need help in the future. Thank you Lu!

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