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Online Winter Women's Circle

December 19th at 7 PM 

Heal the wound.
Become the river.


In this intimate circle, we will explore how our wounds can block us from having new experiences that suit our soul's deepest desires. 


In this 75-minute circle, we will engage in practices that help us gain clarity about the emotions and perceptions that are blocking our potential to create what we truly want on a soul level. 

We will be transforming subconscious forces that drive our behaviors. By doing so, we can start to make conscious choices that lead us to where we want to be rather than being dominated by unconscious fears. 

I invite you to use your inner resources to become a river - a passage - you hold onto nothing and flow with everything. 

The gains of attending the circle

- Allow time and space for self-reflection

- Release unconscious blocks that are no longer serving your highest good

- Learn powerful practices to help you gain clarity about yourself and the subconscious patterns you want to change

- Meet a supportive community


7 PM - Introduction of the theme and sharing

7:15 PM - Journaling

7:30 PM - Group Sharing

7: 40 PM - Hypnosis session

8:15 - Closing

I am so excited to offer the last event of the year. I will be honored to see you in our circle. Please have a journal with you and sit in a comfortable position. I will guide a hypnosis session. I suggest having a pillow, a blanket, and headphones for a better experience. I also suggest having a warm tea with you. 

Please share with your friends. 

With love, 



Pay $15 until December 15 st, 2023

Pay $22 after December 15th, 2023. 

You will receive the Zoom link prior to the event. Please check your Spam folder.

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