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Private Sessions

My dear friend, 

I invite you to work with me in private sessions to break the barriers you built for yourself that prevent love from flourishing. Whether you are single or in a relationship, this offering will help you release old grievances and feelings of inadequacy that keep you away from what your heart desires most. 


In the five-session series, we will work on the emotional and mental blocks that lead you to act from fear and consequently relate to others in a way that is limiting to you. 

In the sessions, you will:

- Expand your capacity to give and receive love

- Increase your self-esteem and sense of worthiness 

- Release emotional wounds that no longer serve your highest good

- Create a vision for how you want to move foward in your relationships

- Create space for genuine connections

- Increase a sense of trust in yourself and others

- Change unwanted behavioral patterns

Sessions are held online and in person (Ithaca NY). In the sessions, I use hypnotherapy techniques and my intuitive gifts to guide you in tapping into your inner resources to build a meaningful life. 

Five sessions - $750

Duration of each session: one hour

What is included in this offer:

-5 private sessions with me

-One customized hypnosis audio

-Emails after each session containing personalized journal prompts and healing suggestions from the last sessions. 

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Mabyani Dutra

The heart-opening sessions with Lu led me to a self-discovery journey and openess to experience a fulfilling relationship.

Reyna Florentino

Through my individual sessions I broke patterns that kept me from a healthy relationship with myself and others. In 6 months I manifested a beautiful relationship, a move back to a place I call home, and a job that reflects my worth.

Eli Baez

Three sessions with Lu, helped transform all my relationships. I could see my current love relationship deepen and expand and find healing and ease in my familial and professional relationships. 

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