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10 Week Program 

From Procrastination to Creative Flow

Welcome creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders and spiritual seekers.


Where you are 

You have a big vision, but your fears hold you back. 
You doubt yourself and constantly compare yourself to others. 
Your projects and aspirations don't have space in your life. 
You make excuses not to be committed to your goals. 
You feel frustrated about not doing the things you want to do. 
You feel creatively blocked.

From an idea to offering

I have over six years of experience helping people change unconscious patterns and deep mental conditioning. My work is to guide others in letting go of internal blocks that lead them to choose a life of fear and scarcity over success and self-realization.

Using a combination of hypnotherapy and my techniques to unlock creativity, I provide a space for healing and life direction.

This program will help you transform deep core wounds and engage in practical steps that will set you on a path to bring your creations to the world.


Throughout this program, I will be your guide and accountability partner, tracking your progress and providing empowering feedback on your creations.


My feedback is based on exploring your feelings, discoveries, desires for expansion, and how your creations reflect your mind and heart's desires.


By understanding your fears, visions, and goals, I will weave everything together to provide insights that open up a range of possibilities for you.


Expected Outcomes

Gain clarity about your direction and purpose.

Overcome creative blocks.

Implement strategies for goal achievement.

Ignite your creative spark.

Discover your strengths and expand your inner gifts.

Boost inner confidence and motivation.

Develop your ideas with a sense of ease.

Learn mind training techniques that help you stay focused.

From overthinking to ease

In my practice as a hypnotherapist and intuitive guide, I have helped hundreds of people overcome procrastination by addressing their emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks.

I work with writers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. I am an expert in helping people overcome fear-based action and understand how their strengths and unique capacities can lead them to personal fulfillment and success.

This program is designed for you to ignite your creative spark and bring into manifestation what your soul is calling for.

If you are a writer, you are invited to share the content of your writing and work in the sessions. By the end of the program, you will be invited to share part of or a completed manuscript. This applies to any other form of creation. For example, if you are working on creating a new business, we will asked to show your progress at the end of the program. 

Read my blog post on Procrastination.

and In-Person Sessions

9 sessions (60 min to 90 min)

1 extra bonus call (45 minutes)

Access extra material in pdf (6 steps to overcome procrastination by Lu Camy)

Access library containing hypnosis audios and guided meditations.

One customized hypnosis audio.

Customized journal prompts after each session.

Investment $3000 

Clients must complete the sessions in 3 months. 

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I had an absolutely incredible experience. Lu is present, intuitive, patient, and has an impressive ability to help you navigate and explore your own experiences from a new perspective. I had more "aha moments" than I had in years of therapy, and felt more seen and understood as well. She customizes take-home practices that are tools you can use any time you need them, and I honestly can't say enough good things about her and what she does. You won't regret it. 

Katie Hood

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